Are Cycling Newbies Here to Stay?

As we know, endurance sports has seen a huge uptick in new cyclists and runners which has led us to ask the question, are the newbies here to stay? 

A study was just released from the Department for Transport, National Travel Attitudes Study, which revealed that 94% of survey respondents said they would continue to cycle and walk more once COVID-19 restrictions were removed.

“The study comes after reports of a mass cycling boom during the last six months of the pandemic with Government data showing that cycling levels rose by up to 300% on some days.” 

Cycling Industry News

Between May and July 2020, 39% of respondents reported that they were walking more and 38% said they cycle more than before the outbreak of the coronavirus. The study also revealed that 86% expressed concerns for their health when thinking about using public modes of transport (e.g. bus, plane, train), compared to 19% regarding private modes (e.g. walking, cycling, private car). Shared modes (e.g. taxi, shared bicycle schemes) were a concern for 68% of respondents. With this knowledge, it’s our duty to keep these customers on their bikes and enjoying the outdoors. 

These trends are examined more in Cycling Industry News, and the question remains – will these beginner cyclists stick with the sport in 2021?

There are a few things we can do to ensure that they continue to cycle and secure their loyalty as consumers. 

“We need to help them feel welcome – that is step one to having them incorporate being a ‘cyclist’ as part of their identities. That’s the emotional connection we want to create. I think we should work to help parents see the many benefits of cycling for their kids, just as they think their kids should just play team sports. Promoting some of the incredible National interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) growth and results could be a positive step.” 

– Kristin Carpenter

This applies to the outdoor industry as a whole, as we’ve seen a surge in newcomers to the industry across markets. Retailers are seeing gear sell-through at record levels and a large amount of new customers despite a foreshortened selling season. 

With these statistics and with asking our industry, we are confident that these new industry enthusiasts are here to stay and play. 

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