Finally, a business-to-business trade event that takes us out of a big, overly-crowded, air-conditioned building and into an environment akin to what all of us do when we cherish our free-time. That’s not rocket science, it is pure common-sense; folks who love time outside doing purposeful business in it…. and even better, in a location considered one of the best in North America.

We know from our research that our industry’s manufacturers want a no-hassle, easy, productive, and affordable event. Bicycle retailers wish to discover new products, attend timely and relevant education tracks, and be provided with the ability to product test leading hard goods on world-class trails, gravel, roads, and bikeways. Of course catching-up with colleagues and peers during hosted networking opportunities (what’s it been, 1.5 years?) and finally we have a B2B event that is perfectly created for today’s bicycle industry, in a post-pandemic world …and frankly long overdue regardless.

Read on, these pages are meant to clearly explain our thinking and what you can expect from The Big Gear Show. Feel free to write to me with any questions about the event. I look forward to seeing you in Park City!

“The National Bicycle Dealers Association is thrilled to be the Presenting Partner of the Big Gear Show.  

We see the Big Gear Show as a one-of-a-kind experience for retailers to gain exposure to retails in other recreational industries and join in cross experiential educational content. We look forward to providing timely content to retailers via our super seminars, as well as hosting several peer-to-peer networking opportunities. “

Heather Mason, President at the NBDA

“PeopleForBikes works with The Big Gear Show and our other industry partners to grow bike participation and build successful bike businesses. We look forward to this opportunity to connect with new and current industry members, from all segments and channels of the bike and outdoor recreation business.” 

Rod Judd, Director of Membership and Development at PeopleForBikes

Who Will Be There

Don't take it from us...

What the Industry is Saying

“For our brand, it’s vital to be able to get the product in front of dealers to be sure they can appreciate all the features, details, and ride. A well-attended in-person event is always preferred so The Big Gear Show caught our interest immediately. Deer Valley is a great place in so many ways and we’ve had great results there with Lance in the past so the opportunity to have more personalized sessions with retailers is exciting and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody.”
Steve Boyd
General Manager - North America | Tern Bicycles
“Diamondback is excited to attend The Big Gear Show in 2021. We see this as an opportunity to interact not only with media, but also with retailers. It’s rare that we have an event where we can solely focus on these two, very important, groups and we plan to take full advantage of the event and its venue to showcase our products”
Jill Nazeer
Director of Marketing of Diamondback Bicycles
"We're excited to be part of the Big Gear Show for 2021, we expect the Crew to pull together an A+ event. Lance's years of experience putting together trade shows and events give us confidence that the Big Gear Show will be a great way to be front-and-center for potential dealers. 2020 was a tough year for everyone, so we are really excited to be back, in-person with our customers."
Drew Esherick​
Stan’s NoTubes - Event Manager
"Though Zoom and other virtual meetings have been fanfreakingtastic in 2020; we’re even more excited about seeing everyone, outdoors! In Deer Valley! At the Big Gear Show! in August! Together. With our tribe. Yakima is encouraging our retail partners to attend Big Gear Show. We hope to see lots of folks busting out of isolation, and celebrating together. Let’s do something fun, something good, something inclusive and expansive and see if we can add something helpful to others.”
Ben Tindall
Director of Sales, Yakima
"I'm bringing 4 buyers/managers in addition to myself to your AWESOME event. Sooooo looking forward to it!"
Larry Desaulniers
Peak Sports
"I hope folks realize now these events are essential to the business we do – to be outside and amongst like minds…So – looking forward to it, I know you’ve had plenty of time to plan!"
Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop
"We have had a very challenging year, so just getting together with our industry and share our struggles and support is much needed"
Terry Berridge
Berridge Bikes