The Big Gear Show COVID-19 Statement

The Big Gear Show will be one of the first outdoor industry events to stage live since COVID-19 began. Both retailers and brands cannot wait to get together as a community again, face-to-face. It is our responsibility to ensure that this important reconnection can be done safely and responsibly.

Here are our commitments to you: 

Our Event is Outside
The Big Gear Show is 100% outside. The science is abundantly clear – the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is substantially less outdoors than indoors (which is exactly why outdoor gear has seen exponential growth during the pandemic). Not only will the event be outside in the pristine mountain air of the Wasatch Range, but also all of the ancillary events, educational sessions, and after-hours gatherings will be outside. We’re the outdoor industry after all, and we commit that there’ll be no large, crowded indoor gatherings at The Big Gear Show that put you and your health at risk. 
We’ll Keep Things within the Community
We are a small, curated, invitation-only event, limited strictly to the North American markets. That means we know exactly who is coming to the event and we can communicate with them on a granular level. It’s not like conventional big-box events where tens of thousands of people just show up. The nimbleness of our format and ability to easily communicate to our retailers and exhibitors allows us to change COVID-19 protocols if needed closer into the show. Despite intense demand from both attendees and exhibitors, we commit to keeping our show small. 
Health Mitigations

Even though we will be outside, we will be implementing the following:

  • Screening – temperature checks in and out of the event site + rapid testing availability nearby
  • Masks – we encourage all attendees to wear masks when not on demo and will be providing Outdoor Research masks for retailers for free
  • Social distancing – all attendees will be asked to keep minimum of six feet separation
  • Exhibitor requirements – for safe distancing and demo product management (wipe down and sanitization protocols)
  • Wider aisles – to accommodate passing lanes

Attendee Statement of Expectations

We at The Big Gear Show want to welcome you, our invited retailers and working media, to The Big Gear Show! Over the past year of planning, pivoting, more planning and effort from the ground up creating a new platform focused on retailers, we are so proud and excited to welcome you to DVR and Park City for the inaugural event! Thank you for your own effort and belief in us.

We want to inform you about our on-site COVID mitigation plans so there are no surprises on site. Below are a few other ‘housekeeping’ items that you’ll find helpful too.

Once you arrive at the venue, you’ll need to get your badge at the Registration Tent, located at the main entrance to the show site.

The Big Gear Show stages at the Deer Valley Resort parking areas 5 and 6, at the base of the Snow-Park Lodge.
(2250 Deer Valley Dr. S., Park City, UT 84060 for you GPS types)

At Registration, you will encounter the following Each Day of TBGS-

  • Attendee screening questions on signage with attendants to receive verbal confirmation (lack of symptoms) before entering REQUIRED
  • Temperature check (anyone testing 100 degrees + cannot enter the venue) REQUIRED
  • Complimentary Outdoor Research Mask and Sanitizer from Brandkeep
  • Our Mask policy signage (requesting use of masks, not mandating, esp. if close proximity to other attendees)
  • A receptacle for used pens and sanitized pens (unless you use your own!)
  • Frequent Sanitizing high touch surfaces and frequently shared items
  • A Lanyard system by comfort level with signage explanation to help know where people are with respect to the pandemic (no judgment, no politics)
  • Red – ‘Please keep 6 feet and masks on, I have vulnerables in my circle’
  • Yellow – ‘Nervous about transmission, but okay with elbows and fist bumps and short close contact sessions’
  • Green – ‘Come in for the hug, I’m confident I won’t get or spread anything’
  • Reminder to care for self and proximal staff/team members (at event and at hotels/events).
  • Liability Waivers; this is for every person attending the show, no exceptions. REQUIRED
  • Keep your badge protected and know where it is! It’ll be your pass for all three days of the show and to other events in and around town.


If you have a fever over 100.0 degrees, you will not be permitted to enter beyond the Registration Tent – You wil be directed instead to local resources for COVID testing

Park City Intermountain Health Care
900 Round Valley Dr, Park City, UT, 84060


UUHC Redstone Health Center
743 Redstone Center Dr, Park City, UT, 84098
+1 (435) 658-9200

We want this to be as safe and comfortable a situation as possible, and really appreciate your understanding and compliance with our rules of engagement while at The Big Gear Show. If you have questions or suggestions about this policy or procedures, please call/text 310-489-3281 or write to



● Payment must be current with Zero Balance to set up and have freight or services delivered
● Each individual with Exhibiting brand teams will need to pick up badge at Registration Tent and get screened and sign waivers (this is ESSENTIAL)
● We recommend booth staff remain masked as much as possible and stay aware of distance and attendee lanyard signals.

● Keep in mind this is an all outdoors event and there will likely be weather events (wind, afternoon thunderstorms, intense sun at times). Manage your canopies and sensitive gear accordingly.
● There will be evening security for non-show hours. Do not leave sensitive gear out, and we suggest lowering tents with adjustable leg heights, and all tents must maintain 50 lbs. min. per leg (reminder).


Map of The Big Gear Show