The Big Gear Show COVID-19 Statement

The Big Gear Show will be one of the first outdoor industry events to stage live since COVID-19 began. Both retailers and brands cannot wait to get together as a community again, face-to-face. It is our responsibility to ensure that this important reconnection can be done safely and responsibly.

Here are our commitments to you: 

Our Event is Outside
The Big Gear Show is 100% outside. The science is abundantly clear – the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is substantially less outdoors than indoors (which is exactly why outdoor gear has seen exponential growth during the pandemic). Not only will the event be outside in the pristine mountain air of the Wasatch Range, but also all of the ancillary events, educational sessions, and after-hours gatherings will be outside. We’re the outdoor industry after all, and we commit that there’ll be no large, crowded indoor gatherings at The Big Gear Show that put you and your health at risk. 
We’ll Keep Things within the Community
We are a small, curated, invitation-only event, limited strictly to the North American markets. That means we know exactly who is coming to the event and we can communicate with them on a granular level. It’s not like conventional big-box events where tens of thousands of people just show up. The nimbleness of our format and ability to easily communicate to our retailers and exhibitors allows us to change COVID-19 protocols if needed closer into the show. Despite intense demand from both attendees and exhibitors, we commit to keeping our show small. 
Health Mitigations
Even though we will be outside, we will be implementing the following:

  • Screening – temperature checks in and out of the event site + rapid testing availability nearby
  • Masks – we will ask that all attendees wear masks when not on demo
  • Social distancing – all attendees will be required to keep minimum of six feet separation
  • Exhibitor requirements – for safe distancing and demo product management (wipe down and sanitization protocols)
  • Wider aisles – to accommodate passing lanes
  • Hands-free registration – no touching communal keyboards and touchscreens

We’ll Do the Right Thing
Finally, our most important commitment to you – if it’s not safe or if the event puts the industry in harm’s way, we’ll cancel and refund your deposits. We’re a small, private company with decades of commitment to the outdoors. We’re in it for the long haul, and we are not beholden to quarterly earnings reports or Wall Street shareholders. Therefore, you have our commitment that your health comes first and that we’ll do the right thing, even if it’s not in our financial interests. Our attendees are our friends first, and our customers a distant second.
That said, we remain hopeful that the pandemic will continue to improve with vaccinations, treatments, therapies, and recovery. We will stay agile, and we will modify and improve our systems for keeping this show safe, productive, and fun for invitees between now and the event. 

Map of The Big Gear Show 2021