Exhibitor Update #4 – Exhibit Furnishings and Services | Order by July 8th for Show Discount

Modern Display, our exclusive exhibitor services contractor, created this Exhibitor Services Manual for The Big Gear Show.  All of these services are purely optional, but in many cases are very cost effective and should be considered, as Modern Display is very reasonably priced, professional and excited to help out.

July 8th is the deadline for placing orders with Modern Expo & Events.  

Materials Handling & Labor

Modern also provides material handling services and can receive exhibitor items that are boxed, carted, or skidded up to 30 days prior to the show date.  Additionally, Modern can provide labor services for setting up and dismantling your exhibit space.  This service can be performed with or without an exhibitor representative present.  

Review the Exhibitor Services Manual for details and requirements for material handling and labor services provided by Modern. 

Electrical Services

Electrical service is not included as part of your booth space rental. The exhibit facility requires that all exhibitors contract with Modern Expo & Events for installation of electrical services and must pay Modern a fee for electrical service used, on a rate schedule determined by the exhibit facility.

Order your electrical service in advance to ensure best service and timely installation.

Advance orders receive priority service. 

Review the Exhibitor Services Manual for all electrical requirements 

Tents and Furnishings

Save time and shipping costs by ordering one of Modern’s canopy tents and have it already staged when you arrive (see note). You can also order furnishings such as tables and chairs as well as signage for your exhibit.

Review all details on services and rentals including ordering instructions in the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Note: Park City regulations require all event canopy tents be weighted down with a minimum of 50 pounds per tent leg. If you do not have tent weights, they can also be ordered from Modern.