Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is The Big Gear Show?

The Big Gear Show is an exciting new model of experiential event that showcases up-and-coming gear for specialty retailers, transitioning to a welcoming platform for consumers to learn about brands and gear that get them outdoors. The Big Gear Show serves both the specialty retailer and the consumer interested in learning and experiencing gear firsthand. The show is not a selling platform to consumers, but rather an educational and experiential opportunity for those looking to learn and try before they buy.

The Big Gear Show is Two Events in One!
A retailer focused B2B trade event providing a “First-In-The-Country” look at next season’s gear.
A“First-Of-Its-Kind” consumer festival, with access to both The Big Gear Show and (e)-revolution for one reasonable entrance fee.

We are realizing the original vision for The Big Gear Show by creating a new and exciting ‘B2B2C’ event where brands have the opportunity to meet with both specialty shop owners and buyers, and then their ultimate end-users over the weekend.

The Big Gear Show delivers a two-in-one opportunity for brands to work with their specialty retail shops and then pivot to tell their stories in real-time to highly motivated consumers looking to invest in outdoor equipment.

Co-locating with the e-Revolution show creates a must-attend experience powered by the excitement and innovation of the e-bike category and the and the opportunity to cover all the outdoor gear insights in one place.

What are the 2024 Show Dates?

Industry Day
Friday, May 31, 2024 

Open to the Public
Saturday, June 1, 2024
Sunday, June 2, 2024

Are Retailers Invited to BGS24?

Absolutely Yes – one of the objectives of Big Gear is to strengthen the specialty retail channel through discovery of new and bespoke resources to power a thriving and growing shopscape. Retailers who attend Big Gear will have access to more powerful tools and opportunities for partnerships that keep shops innovative, open and thriving.

Will there be education seminars for retailers?

Yes, in fact our education lineup for Friday May 31 (Industry Day) is exclusively for Retailers. We aren’t trying to teach brands how to do better DTC or avoid excessive taxation… we’re here to power the specialty experience.

Who is attending the Outside Festival?

Thousands of interested outdoorists have already purchased tickets to the event.  Many thousands more will, particularly from the front range and wester slope communities of Colorado.

What is the flow of the event like?

Starting Thursday night, events will be happening all day each day of the combined Big Gear Show and Outside Festival.  Friday is a gear and brand discovery day for retail store personnel and working media (Journalists and Media Makers).  Saturday and Sunday are open to all, with free admission to The Big Gear Show and ticketd addmittance to Outside Festival.

Does Exhibiting at Big Gear get me into the Outside Festival too?

    Each booth comes with a pre-determined all access ticket to the Outside Festival if booked before April 15th.

    It’s All Outdoors… What Happens If There is Weather?


    We’re outdoorists, remember?  No JK, the rules of the show dictate a weather resistant framework for you and your product.

    Why is The Big Gear Show partnered with Outside Festival?

    The new model of Outdoor industry celebration, innovation and hype needs to be more inclusive of all stakeholders in a safe, accessible and vibrant wildlands experience. That means an organized platform that welcomes all into the tent. Outside Festival brings cultural relevance and experiential activations for participants and the ‘outdoor curious’.

    What should I expect as a Brand exhibiting at The Big Gear Show 2024?

    Brands exhibiting at The Big Gear Show will have a full day of B2B focus (Friday May 31), with retail buyers and media attending to discover new resources, get smarter about their business and network with like-minded partners and leaders from around the country. The next two days (June 1 and 2) will be the Outside Festival, welcoming consumers and meeting/greeting/educating/delighting thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from around the Front Range in Colorado.

    Is this a tradeshow?

      Not in the traditional sense. But Yes, there are resources, networking, discovery and experiences that will power better b2b for the outdoors. Day 1 is Friday May 31 and is curated specifically for industry-centric attendees. June 1 and 2 will be full festival access for the most inclusive outdoor industry showcase ever produced.

      Where Do I Stay during The Big Gear Show/Outside Festival?

      There are a number of nearby hotels, like the Sonesta and Embassy Suites Downtown Denver.  Using an app like Hotel Tonight or Priceline will yield the absolute best price.  (We are not in the hospitality business and get no kickbacks or payments from hoteliers)

      How do I measure ROI on this style of show?

        Here’s the Equation-

        Discovery of new partnerships, tactics, data and resources + networking value + moving merchandise + centering Colorado as the national show epicenter = Critical mass of success for the active outdoor industries.

        How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

          $0 – Industry Only for Friday, May 31 (Pre-registration and credentials required)

          Can I attend if I’m not a working professional in the Outdoor Industry?

            Yes, attend the full Outside Festival, June 1 & 2.  Exhibits and activations will be running full strength on those days.

            How Do I learn more about (e)revolution?

            Learn more about (e)revolution on the show’s website.