Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is The Big Gear Show?

The Big Gear Show is an exciting new model of experiential event that showcases up-and-coming gear for specialty retailers, transitioning to a welcoming platform for consumers to learn about brands and gear that get them outdoors. The Big Gear Show serves both the specialty retailer and the consumer interested in learning and experiencing gear firsthand. The show is not a selling platform to consumers, but rather an educational and experiential opportunity for those looking to learn and try before they buy.

The Big Gear Show is Two Events in One!
A retailer focused B2B trade event providing a “First-In-The-Country” look at next season’s gear.
A“First-Of-Its-Kind” consumer festival, with access to both The Big Gear Show and (e)-revolution for one reasonable entrance fee.

We are realizing the original vision for The Big Gear Show by creating a new and exciting ‘B2B2C’ event where brands have the opportunity to meet with both specialty shop owners and buyers, and then their ultimate end-users over the weekend.

The Big Gear Show delivers a two-in-one opportunity for brands to work with their specialty retail shops and then pivot to tell their stories in real-time to highly motivated consumers looking to invest in outdoor equipment.

Co-locating with the e-Revolution show creates a must-attend experience powered by the excitement and innovation of the e-bike category and the and the opportunity to cover all the outdoor gear insights in one place.

What are the 2023 Show hours and dates?

Show Move In
June 6, 2023 Hours TBD
June 7, 2023 Hours TBD

B2B Trade Show Dates & Hours
June 8, 2023 10 AM – 6PM
June 9, 2023 10 AM – 4PM

B2C Consumer Show Dates & Hours
June 10, 2023 10 AM – 6PM
June 11, 2023 10 AM – 4PM

Show Move Out
June 11, 2023 4PM – TBD
June 12, 2023 Hours TBD

Why is the show in early June?

The Big Gear Show has moved into early June to satisfy the demand from both specialty retailers and exhibiting brands to have an earlier buying/selling window. It gives the brands a chance to tell their new product stories to both retailers and consumers in a comprehensive one-stop event across the active outdoor categories. Co-locating with the e-Revolution show creates a must-attend experience driving off the excitement, innovation, and need for insight into the e-bike category.

Why did you move the show to the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado?

The Big Gear Show has intended from inception to integrate the consumer voice and experience with the trade aspect of conventional show platforms. Denver offers an amazing urban adventure destination near the Rocky Mountains. Downtown Denver combines the convenience of easily accessible urban amenities with access to nearby outdoor recreational assets such as trails, crags, and waterways where visitors can partake in their favorite outdoor activity.

Going to where the people are is the single most important change our industry needs and Denver is a perfect destination for that. The greater Denver metropolitan area is home to over 3 million people and nearly 80% of Colorado’s population lives within 90 miles of the city. Using Outdoor Industry Associations’ outdoor consumer market research data, approximately one-third of the regional population between the ages of 18 & 65 can be considered outdoor enthusiasts.

That’s a lot of potential outdoor consumers!

Additionally, access to the Convention Center from the airport, hotels, and surrounding communities is excellent due to readily available light rail and other public and private transportation services.

Why is the show co-locating with (e)revolution?

The Big Gear Show is a multi-category outdoor recreation industry trade show, which also includes cycling. With the rise of popularity in e-bikes and their usage across outdoor recreation activities, the colocation of The Big Gear Show with (e)revolution is a logical decision. It increases the potential for discovery by retailers, the media, and consumers.

Consumer Festival - How will that work?

The B2B trade show will end at 4PM on Friday, June 9th to allow for exhibiting companies (brands, retailers, outfitters, and guides) time to setup prior to the start of the two-day consumer event.

Retailer, outfitters, and guide companies are invited to exhibit during the Consumer Festival. Visit the Exhibit at BGS page to for more information and to apply for exhibit space.

We encourage brands to work with their local retailers if they wish to sell to consumers attending the festival days.

Visit the Exhibit at BGS page for more information and to apply for exhibit space.

How will consumers attend the show?

The Big Gear Show will open to consumers on Days 3 and 4 of the show. Consumers will pay an entrance fee, which will provide them access to both The Big Gear Show and (e)revolution.

Consumers attending will visit booths, learn about new outdoor activities, and interact with brand personnel prepared to highlight the brand story, new products in the market, and future direction of innovation.

Wait, the show used to be outside – why is it inside now?

We are moving into a city center and convention center for one clear reason- Ease of Access.

When we announced the original show concept in 2020, we designed The Big Gear Show to be indoors, incorporating product demonstration space and consumer engagement on the days after the B2B experience. We are simply realizing our initial vision and in a place with a large active consumer base.

With this new show platform, your company can still save on expenses by leaving your trade show booth at home. Bring your portable presentation space, keep it simple, and activate your people who can best tell your brand and product story.

Inside - then how will demos work?

The Big Gear Show will have professionally designed dedicated demonstration and testing areas adjacent to the exhibit spaces for both e-Revolution and The Big Gear Show.

How much does The Big Gear Show cost to attend for Retailers and Media?

  • Retailers, distributors, importers, buyers (Free Registration)
  • Working Media (editorial) (Free Registration)
  • Non-Profits (Free Registration)
  • Independent Sales Reps (Free Registration)
  • Media Sales (Pay)
    • Early Bird $250
    • Regular Registration $400
    • Onsite Registration $500
  • Non-Buyer (Brand & Marketing or PR Agency / Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer / Event Organizer)
    • Early Bird $250
    • Regular Registration $400
    • Onsite Registration $500

Details on registering to attend can be found on our Attend The Big Gear Show page.

Does it cost to attend the on-site seminars?

No; education at The Big Gear Show is complimentary, however, must have a show badge.

What lodging is available for The Big Gear Show?

Lodging information for (e)revolution will be provided in November 2022.

How Do I learn more about (e)revolution?

Learn more about (e)revolution on the show’s website.

Exhibitor Questions

Who can exhibit?

The Big Gear Show is open to companies that make and/or sell products and services that get people outside! Categories include, but are not limited to hiking, camping, backpacking, cycling, paddlesports, trail running climbing, overland, and guide/travel services.

Types of products include gear (bikes, backpacks, kayaks, etc), technical footwear and apparel (Gear you Wear), accessories(Car Racks, Eyewear, Optics, etc), electronics, hydration, and nutrition.

Exhibitors can be product brands, OEM manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers who wish to engage with both retailers and consumers.

Retailers, outfitters, and guide services can also apply to exhibit for the Consumer portion of the show. Additionally, outdoor recreation and conservation non-profit organizations can apply to exhibit too.

Information on exhibiting can be found on our exhibitor page.

We encourage all gear brands to apply, regardless of size, especially if you have something cool and unique. We prioritize innovation and part of our value proposition to retailers as a platform for discovery.

Where do I apply to exhibit?

Information on applying to exhibit can be found on our exhibitor page.

How much does it cost to exhibit?

Exhibit space pricing can be downloaded by completing this form, which is also on our exhibitor page.

Can I use my mobile showroom to exhibit at the Colorado Convention Center?


We developed a Mobile Showroom Program in partnership with our official show decorator, Modern Expo, and the Colorado Convention Center. 

Registered exhibitors with reserved space who wish to use their outdoor mobile exhibits to exhibit at The Big Gear Show can take advantage of this special cost-saving program that will allow them to drive their showroom onto the show floor in the convention center, set up their exhibit, and be ready for business.

More information is available on the Exhibitor Resources Page

I completed the exhibitor application; when will I receive my approval confirmation?

You will be notified via email within 7-10 business days with your confirmation or a request for more information.

Can I also exhibit at (e)revolution?

Absolutely! Contact your sales representative to discuss exhibiting at both events or visit (e)revolution Exhibitor Page

What if I want to do the Trade Show Days or Consumer Festival Days only?

Complete the Contact Us form to inquire about exhibiting during specific days.

Retailer Questions

Trade shows have been closed to the public, so why are you inviting consumers to The Big Gear Show?

A consumer-focused aspect of the event has been a part of The Big Gear Show model since its inception. 2023’s edition is the first year we will execute that vision from 2021. 

While it is true that most trade shows in the industry do not invite consumers, we believe the time has come to include them in the mix.  By design and active management of selling on the show floor, The Big Gear Show model draws a high-quality consumer attendee base on the last two days, while providing ample B2B meeting time over the first two days.

By sanctioning consumer participation, we are able to better control access to the show  and also allow those who would be greatly affected by it – local and regional specialty retailers – an option to benefit from their inclusion in several ways:

  • Encourage exhibiting brands to promote local specialty shops  to consumers attending the show
  • Collaborate with the brands  to sell their product through a local specialty shop 
  • Secure exhibit space at a special retail shop rate to sell directly to consumer attendees.

Consumer Days in June – Won’t that Impact Local Retailers?

We have designed a new kind of event that respects local specialty shops. Our platform brings forth the following

  • The Big Gear Show Consumer Festival is not a sales event but an opportunity for both brands AND retailers to engage with consumers who are outdoor enthusiasts.  Located in a venue for brands to showcase themselves and their products, end-users can engage with the brand’s product developers, marketing team, media, and retailers.
  • The Big Gear Show will draw consumers from across a wide spectrum of interests; this is the opportunity for brands AND retailers to engage this enthusiastic audience to learn about gear, how to recreate responsibly, and shop local.  
  • We invite retailers to partner with their brands in offering product sales to consumer attendees or exhibit as an extension of their retail shop.  
  • Like other consumer events and even current trade events, product sales may occur, but they are not required or expected.  

Both brands and retailers already attend other consumer events such as music festivals and races as well as paddlesport and cycling events. Unlike those events, however, we are offering both brands and retailers, during the same event, the opportunity to first conduct business with each other, then engage and activate an active outdoor enthusiast consumer base. 

Why should I register to attend The Big Gear Show?

As a specialty outdoor retailer, having strong relationships with brand decision-makers is important; staying up to date with fast-moving changes sweeping our industry is also crucial. It’s also vital that your buyers see a comprehensive brand mix in key categories, versus one-at-a-time brand sell-in meetings in your office or regional showrooms.

Lastly, you need to discover new resources, up-and-coming brands, and like-minded collaborators from around the country. All of this is achieved through attending The Big Gear Show.

Where can I register to attend as a Retail Buyer?

Retailers can register to attend at our Attend The Big Gear Show page.

What kinds of brands will be there?

Brands will be selected based on feedback from our retailers. Special emphasis will be placed on new, up-and-coming brands with innovative, high-quality products. We want to be the place for you to discover the innovators, disrupters, and upstart brands – but we’ll also feature the larger brands you know, love, and rely on. We’re limiting the number of brands because success for us is about quality, not quantity. Our goal is to maximize brand/retailer engagement and minimize distractions.

Is there an exhibitor list and floor map available?

This will become available in Spring 2023 prior to the show.

Where can I find hotel information?

Lodging information for The Big Gear Show will be provided in November 2022

Where can I find the education schedule?

Check back in early 2023 for updates to The Big Gear Show education page

I am a retailer - can I also exhibit during Consumer Days?


We welcome local/regional specialty shops who wish to exhibit during the Consumer Festival at a generous booth space discount. 

Retailers that are interested in exhibiting can contact us to receive more information or complete the exhibitor application to be considered.

Media Questions

I would like to attend The Big Gear Show as media; what do I need to know?

The Big Gear Show is open to trade and consumer-focused media outlets including print, TV, radio, and online, industry analysts, as well as any writer, photographer, or editor with an editorial assignment related to outdoor recreation products and the industry. We have two media badge types: Working Media and Media Sales.

Working Media must have a current editorial assignment while media sales attendees include ad sales, publishers, producers, marketing staff, promotion companies, casting directors, filmmakers, and agencies – social media / PR / advertising/ brand / creative.

Note: Badges for Working Media are Free while there is a cost for Media Sales Badges.

How do I register as “Working Media”?

Please determine which type of working media you are, prepare the required documentation (see the credentials requirements and answers below) and log in to our registration system to complete your registration.


Magazine and Newspaper Editorial Staff
Please provide at least TWO credentials:

  • A scanned copy of the publication masthead including your name and title
  • A scanned copy or link to original, bylined editorial work within the last three months, showing coverage within the industry
  • An email or scan of the original letter on assigning publication’s letterhead from the assigning editor or news director detailing a specific assignment at the show


TV: Reporters / Camera Crews / Photographers
Please provide a letter from the news director or assignment editor on station/network letterhead saying that you have been assigned to represent the organization in an editorial capacity at The Big Gear Show. AND at one of the following credentials:

  • A station-issued, current press photo I.D.
  • A business card from a major network reflecting your editorial role
    Coverage must be done independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies. Please note that any TV staff registering onsite will need to provide all documentation.


Staff Photographers / Photo Editors
Please provide a scanned copy or link to the publication masthead that includes your name and title OR a letter from the news director or assignment editor on station/network or publication letterhead saying that you have been assigned to represent the organization in an editorial capacity at The Big Gear Show. Coverage must be done independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies.


Freelance Writers / Photographers / Photo Editors
Please provide both of the following:

  • An email or scanned original letter on assigning network/outlet/publication’s letterhead from assigning editor or news director with a writing assignment detailing a specific coverage assignment at the show.
  • Scanned or linked examples of your published, bylined editorial work in the last three months in assigning publication within the industry.

Coverage must be done independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies.

What if I don’t have an assignment?

Media without a current industry-related assignment will not be approved for a Working Media badge, but are welcome to join us with a Media Sales badge.

I have a website or blog; can I attend as Working Media?

We welcome curators and creators of digital channels that inform and educate followers on the industry, but to be considered for a Working Media badge, you must have a previously established, independent site that is updated at least biweekly with original, industry-related news. The site must have a proven track record showing coverage of outdoor recreation and related space for at least one year.

Can I register for a media badge onsite at the show?

Yes, media may register onsite during published registration hours. The Big Gear Show will have a representative onsite to review and qualify registering media. Please note that travel to the show does not guarantee admittance.

What is the difference between “Working Media” and “Media Sales” badges?

Working Media badges indicate to exhibitors and retailers that the person has a current editorial assignment with a relevant publication. Media Sales badges indicate the wearer is in ad sales, publishing, production, marketing, promotion, a casting director, filmmaker, or from an agency – social media / PR / advertising/ brand / creative.

How do I find out which brands are at the show?

Exhibitor lists will become available in Spring 2023.

Who do I contact for information about The Big Gear Show?

Please contact Dave Petri for any media inquiries related to The Big Gear Show.

Dave Petri
Marketing & Communications

What is The Big Gear Show’s camera policy?

The Big Gear Show allows accredited Working Media to take photos in exhibitor booths only with the permission of the exhibitor. The Big Gear Show allows limited video and still camera use on the show floor. If you intend to take photos at the show, you must first visit the Media Registration desk to obtain a photography sticker for your badge. Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted to take pictures of an exhibitor’s product without permission from the exhibitor. Many products on display at The Big Gear Show are innovative, one-of-a-kind prototype items. Exhibitors have the right to refuse the taking of pictures in their booths. UNAUTHORIZED PHOTOS WILL BE CONFISCATED (along with DEVICE). THE OFFENDER’S BADGE WILL BE PULLED AND THEY WILL BE BLACKLISTED FROM ATTENDING FUTURE SHOWS.