Not a normal tradeshow


The outdoors is where you belong

The Big Gear Show offers a completely new platform for the outdoor industry to get back to innovative products that get customers outdoors. We are here to serve retailers who are passionate about fueling a resurgence of participation in outdoor adventure of all kinds. 

Delivering an all outdoors invitational event in a fantastic mountain venue is not rocket-science, but it’s definitely unconventional. We are folks who love time outside and doing meaningful business in it, and we know how to produce trade shows indoors and out.  

Conventional trade shows aren’t built with the outdoor industry in mind. Here at The Big Gear Show we are outside and encourage your product to be showcased in its natural habitat. No more bringing in displays to mimic what your product is like. We have access to world class terrain where the product can speak for itself. Get out here and see what we have to offer!


So who needs a normal tradeshow?

In today’s new normal, no one wants to go to mass gatherings in big city centers, cooped up indoors with thousands of people, only to walk through aisles of irrelevant vendors and startup brands with only one product that they’re hoping to “bring to market.”

Last year, we delivered a dynamic multi-category event designed for retailers, by retailers. We kept everyone safe with color-coded lanyards, providing masks and sanitizing stations and being, well, outdoors.

We’ll be in Park City again this year and plan to bring you an even better experience, allowing retailers to test the latest products and newest lines in the environment they were designed for.


AUGUST 2-3, 2022



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By the numbers...

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Want to be outside
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The Very Best Retailers

Put your brand in front of hand-selected buyers from all around North America. These are the best gear shops in the business. In fact, we even pay for some of their travel. If your brand is asked to attend The Big Gear Show, it’s because these retailers want to see you there. 


We're Outside, with a Fully-Integrated Demo

Showcase your products in the environment they were designed for. See, try, buy – all in one appointment.  Let retailers use your gear, do some live testimonials on-trail or water, share with their community and staff, and change the way shows deliver value. 


We're Actually Affordable

We know that gear makers can’t afford expensive tradeshows. So our prices start at 50% less than other national events. Plus, no unions and expensive mark-ups. Leave your expensive booth behind and let your people and your gear tell your story.


We are Small and Curated

We are a small event and our brands are highly-curated. That means you won’t get lost in the basement (well, there is no basement, but you get the point). We also respect your intellectual property and shun container dumpers and knock-off artists. We have no tolerance for those folks. 

Don't take it from us

Testimonials from Brands

“Liberty Mountain is excited to be involved in an innovative new event where many great retailers can connect with a wide ranging, diverse group of the best outdoor brands and companies. We are enthusiastic to be involved in an inclusive opportunity that brings the specialty outdoor industry together. We believe The Big Gear Show will help find new ways to share our love of wild places and our passion to bring interesting, useful products and ideas to the marketplace. Thanks to The Big Gear Show Management who have reached out to businesses throughout the industry and listened to different ideas.  This outreach, collaboration and diligent follow up has crafted a show that unites the crucial hardgoods category and the specialty retailers. We look forward to being together in person again with our industry in an outdoor, authentic, and supportive environment.”

Gary Heward
President & CEO, Liberty Mountain

“We’re looking forward to taking part in the first Big Gear Show and like that this event is taking a curated focus on more technical gear, along with an intimate and accessible format that allows for quality interaction with dealers. Following a year-plus of not being able to gather as an industry, we’re looking forward to being able to get back to that. And, as we continue to navigate the end of the pandemic, an outdoors venue like this one offers a safer way to gather for now. And it offers the opportunity for climbing walls and other on-site demos.”

Kim Miller
CEO, SCARPA North America

“The Big Gear Show represents a new approach to helping retailers, both buyers and key employees, better assess which products they want to get behind and support. The idea of providing retailers the chance to try products before they arrive in their store takes what the ski and bike industries have done for years and brings this confidence building program to the rest of our Outdoor Industry gear makers. Anyone who has ever tested a product prior to purchase knows the value of these experiences, and Petzl sees this as a unique opportunity to enable these valuable individuals to experience the Petzl difference well before the products arrive in store.”

Jon Rockefeller
Managing Director, Sport Division, Petzl

“Pandemic aside, we are really excited for the inaugural Big Gear Show. Speaking to equipment buyers in August perfectly bookends the Grassroots early summer show where the focus is apparel and footwear. And, we love the idea of the outdoor industry celebrating and learning together outdoors in the Park City!”

Philip Curry
CEO, Astral