Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show

Today’s round up of gear from Day 2 at the Big Gear Show

By Claire Barber

What would The Big Gear Show be without… gear. There was plenty of innovative new stuff that caught our eye (and filled our swag bags) out on the show floor but here we give you some highlights of brands and products that deserve some extra love.

Out – Pak Camping Meals

Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show - IMG 1716

We love Out – Pak camping meals from Tippings Foods for their innovative packaging. Main dishes are freeze-dried and accompanied by curated snacks and drinks to provide campers with 1,300–1,500 calories. The foods come in a cardboard tube sealed with natural beeswax. The lid of the tube is coated in a foil wrap. To prepare, just add water to the package, put the lid on top, and wait for your meal to rehydrate. (MSRP $29.99) 

Becker Supply Co.

Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show - IMG 1725

Design- and adventure-driven, Becker Supply Co. is a brand with quality screen printing at its core. Founders Leena and Jake Middaugh screen print their own products and provide custom manufacturing for other brands. Stocked in about 50 retailers, Becker has seen success in the Overlanding market and is expanding into the greater outdoor realm. (MSRP $30) 


Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show - IMG 1734

The With color pencil travel set is made with adventurers in mind. The company launched six weeks ago online and plans to launch its grayscale color pencil set soon. The kit is small enough to fit into your hiking pack or your glove box so you can capture mountain vistas on the move. The kits come with an incense cedar mechanical pencil, 36 pigment leads, an eraser, and lead sharpener, all in a beautiful canvas case. (MSRP $64) 

Puddles 2 Oceans

Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show - IMG 1737

A family-owned brand, Puddles 2 Oceans sells thoughtfully designed hats branded for women, but wearable for folks of all orientations. The hats have a bamboo headband for maximum comfort and a built-in high ponytail loop—a game changer when you want to keep your hair out of your face. (MSRP $45) 


Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show -

Funwater is making waves at the Big Gear Show with its prototype water bike. The company is known for selling high-end inflatable paddle boards with funky designs, but the water bike is grabbing the attention of attendees. An elliptical and pontoon boat hybrid, the bike is small enough for one person to inflate, paddle, and then stow away.

The water bike isn’t for sale yet, but the folks at Funwater plan to use all the feedback they get at the Big Gear Show for another round of innovation. In the meantime, check out the company’s wide variety of paddle boards. (MSRP $180–$250) 


Gear That Caught Our Eye at the Big Gear Show -

Formerly known as SheFly, Gnara was born out of a college dorm room in 2018 to break down the bro culture. The company sells pants and shorts with a built-in zipper, known as “GoFly” zipper technology. So, in other words, folks can squat and pee on the go without pulling their pants down. SheFly recently rebranded as Gnara to step away from a gendered title and to expand its product line beyond the iconic GoThere pants (MSRP $168).

Photos by Claire Barber