The Power of Entrepreneurship

The Power of Entrepreneurship - foundedoutdoors scaled

By Ariella Nardizzi

Breaking barriers, sparking entrepreneurship, and igniting the spirit of outdoor innovation—that’s the mission of Founded Outdoors. As a support platform for emerging brands, Founded Outdoors is rewriting the playbook on access in the industry for historically marginalized communities.

“We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to solve problems in the world, bring about change, and bring wealth to underserved communities,” says co-founder Enhao Li.

A bustling community of 400 outdoor entrepreneurs that is free to join, united by a common goal of knowledge sharing and collaboration, the Founded Outdoors platform is a trove of resources for blossoming businesses. 

Founded Outdoors has not only carefully cultivated a safe space for entrepreneurs to exchange expertise, but it also offers structured programming to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level, such as its partnership with REI’s Path Ahead Ventures–a three-month program for outdoor founders.

“Many other organizations have been doing really important work around equity and inclusion for several decades,” explains co-founder Katie Doherty. “We just hope to build upon and complement that work to lift up folks from underrepresented communities.”