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Education Lineup

The education Lineup will be updated accordingly as we continue to add top-tier speakers.

Amelia Neptune

Seminar Topic:

Going Above and Beyond with the Bicycle Friendly Business Program

Director of The League of American Bicyclists

Director of Education at Charlottes Web

Jen Palmer, ND

Seminar Topic:

The ABC’s of CBD for Retailers

Doug Dalton

Seminar Topic:

Pathway to Profitability

Technical Field Support Specialist SRAM LLC

Sales and Leadership Consultant

Robb Zbierski

Seminar Topic:

Shifting from Passion to Excellence for Constant Profitablility

Larry Pizzi

Seminar Topic:

Understanding E-Bike Risk at the Retail Level

CCO of Alta Cycling Group

CEO of Locally

Mike Massey

Seminar Topic:

Specialty Retail in the Hybrid Retail Environment

Kristin Sundin Brandt

Seminar Topic:

So You Didn’t Marry a Marketer?

Co-Owner and Marketing Manager of STBG

CEO & Co-Founder of Kitzuma

Taylor Essick

Seminar Topic:

Reimagining the Customer Experience for Buying a Bike

Jay Townley

Seminar Topic:

Future of the American Consumer:

Fueling Retailer Profitability in the Face of Uncertainty 

Founding Partner and Resident Futurist

Steve Green | Mandela Echefu

Seminar Topic:

Mentorship in Specialty Retail

Owner of High Mountain Sports

Owner of Wheelzup Adventures

Nicole Bassett | Ben Cranson | Barruch Ben-Zekry

Seminar Topic:

The Retailers Role in the Circular Economy

Co-Founder of the Renewal Workshop

Owner of Wander’s Outpost

CEO of Out and Back